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AuSable Services Inc. specializes in shoreline reclamation and ravine stabilization.

Shore features provide unique landscapes, breathtaking scenery, and serene privacy for many golf courses and private estates on Michigan’s North Shore. Despite their beauty, they contain hidden risks when not maintained properly. Erosion caused by storm water runoff and many other factors can lead to ravine or bluff failure. Repairing these failures is another of our specialties. Working with local geologists and engineers, AuSable Services Inc. will find a solution that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing and that complements your property. Don’t let these valuable landscapes slip away.


AuSable Serivces Inc. specializes in all types of shoreline restoration. Pond bank erosion is a common problem at many golf courses and can be caused by wave action, ice shear, animal damage, slow drawdown time, and a number of other factors.


AuSable Services Inc. will create a custom solution to reclaim and/or protect your shoreline from erosion. Choosing from a multitude of materials custom tailored to your needs, we will find a solution that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing and that complements the design of your course.

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On courses that feature lakefront or beachfront property or contain ravines and high bluffs like those found on the  Shores of Michigan, failure of these features is always a possibility. Stabilization and repair of these large features requires special expertise, and AuSable Serivces Inc. has extensive experience working with these valuable but sometimes unpredictable natural assets.

Stabilization or modification of natural features is often regulated by state and federal laws, and we do our research, guaranteeing that you will always be in compliance with the relevant laws. Call us for a site inspection, and we’ll always give you a straightforward assessment of your needs.

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